Event Name: Blue Angels Raftup -- Come by Land or Sea
Squadron: Rockville Sail & Power Squadron

Start Date & Time: 2021-05-26 12:00:00
End Date & Time: 2021-05-26 16:00:00
Event Description: The Angels are coming! It is May and that means that the Midshipmen at the US Naval Academy are getting ready for graduation. Memorial Day week is their time to celebrate and that means that the famous Blue Angels will be performing in their honor. This annual event is one of the most exciting shows you will ever see. As in the past, I will be getting up early and get a premier spot on the “line” for the Wednesday, May 26 show. Hopefully several of you who have boats will raft up with me so we can have another great ABC-R event. I will, as I have done in the past, pick up those who want to come by land to Annapolis for the show. I have plenty of room aboard for everyone. We will order a deli platter from Chick & Ruth’s in Annapolis so I will need to know how many will be joining us. Please let me know if you are interested in coming by boat or want to drive to Annapolis and watch the show from my boat. If you want to raft, I will need to know the name of your boat, sail or power, your LOA, displacement and number of people on board. If you want to come by land, I can either pick you up by dinghy or you can grab the water taxi to my boat. If you want to come for lunch, please plan on arriving by noon. The best way to make your reservation is through email – alanikarpas@gmail.com.
EXCOM Member Point of Contact: Jeff Cornish, AP
Event Documents: