Event Name: Flush With Success
Squadron: Rockville Sail & Power Squadron
Location: Zoom Meeting
Start Date & Time: 2020-08-12 19:30:00
End Date & Time: 2020-08-12 21:00:00
Event Description: Do you need a new toilet, but don’t know which is right one for your boat? Do you know what a joker valve really does (or even what it is and where it is)? What’s legal in your waters? Do you REALLY know how your marine toilet works? Peggie Hall, The Head Mistress, gives an informative and entertaining “marine sanitation system 101” discussion of how marine toilets work, the real causes and cures for the most common problems, including “head” odors, and, best of all, how to prevent them. For details and Zoom link, copy this into your browser: http://evite.me/gKv3R2zMSC. modified.
EXCOM Member Point of Contact: Jeff Cornish, AP
Event Documents: