Are you on good terms with Mother Nature?  Do you know how to handle the changes in the environment that can come your way?  These seminars can help you out on the water.

  • All boaters should have an understanding of weather systems and what to expect in the next few hours while you’re on your boat. Basic Weather and Forecasting provides the knowledge to make your on-water experience less stressful when the weather looks to be changing.
  • Expecting some really bad weather? Hurricanes and Boats gives you the tips you need to secure your boat for the worst type of weather conditions a boater may encounter.
  • If you boat on coastal waters, the Tides and Currents seminar provides the information you need to understand, predict, and use tidal currents.  Improve boat speed performance by using tidal currents to your advantage rather than suffering adverse impacts due to unforeseen tides and currents.
Where Can I Take a Seminar?

If one or more of these seminars interest you, locate a seminar in your area. If you're a USPS member, contact your Squadron Educational Officer and take a seminar at your squadron rate. We hope to see you soon!


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