During an examination the Vessel Examiner will look at:

  • Registration and vessel numbers
  • Navigation lights
  • Anchor & line
  • Life Jackets
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Sound producing device
  • Flame arrestors and ventilation (if required)
  • No oil in bilge
  • General safe boat condition

Visit the Virtual VSC page and do a self-evaluation of your own boat, this is just between you and your boat. You may then ask for a Vessel Examiner to contact you for an actual VSC! Contact PDC Jeff McKinney, JN, VE Chair,and he will help coordinate a Vessel Safety Check, or you can request support by going to the I Want a VSC page and enter your ZIP Code to contact an examiner near you.

Please see the USPS Vessel Examination page for additional information.


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